Diesel Oil, Gasoline Oil and Fuel Oil Purifier

Diesel Oil, Gasoline Oil and Fuel Oil Purifier

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This machine integrates fine filter, high efficiency demulsification and dehydration into one body. This machine, which can remove large of water without heating, creates the fastest dehydration speed in domestic at present. This machine can quickly separate water from the oil, which even contains half water, to attain cleanness of NAS 6 grade, Convenient using with the go-cart model designed. In a word, it is be used for fast removal of water and impurities in fuel oil or light oil which contains large amount of water.



1.       TYB series purifier adopt  special oil water separator which requires no heating,offering 20 times higher water removing efficiently than over other types of purifiers.

2.       As no heating is needed,the additives in  the oil are well prevented from degradation or deterioration.

3.       Easy-to-operate,water can  be discharged online automatically without the presence of operators.

4.       Low operation cost,20%--40% lower than vacuum purifier,centrifugal purifier and filter press.

Contact:Catherine Huang